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Air Purifier Guide

Gaining More Knowledge on Air Purifiers 

What can be considered as a serious problem is none other than indoor air pollution. The level of air pollution indoors is actually two to five times higher and this is according to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. For the indoor places that do not have proper ventilation the air inside can be 100 times more polluted compared to the air outside. The modern buildings have been created with the consideration of energy efficiency and this is the reason behind this. In effect, the pollutants are also getting trapped on the inside due to the tight seals used. Ensuring that there are no impurities such as allergens in the air indoors is of great importance for a lot of reasons such as the fact that you take nine out of ten breaths inside.


The air purifiers and Air Purifier Accessories are able to bring about a lot of benefits such as being able to eliminate dangerous pollutants such as toxic chemicals and allergens. Learning how to select the best, why people make use of it, which ones you need to avoid and how they work is the kind of knowledge you will learn about air purifiers in this article.


Where does indoor air pollution come from? The sources of air pollution actually come in various forms. The dust mites, organic pollutant and mold are in fact the most common sources of the allergic rhinitis. The pervasive allergen is sticky and small as well and thus, is able to always find a way into your home. Having pets around your home will also mean that there is a guarantee that this allergen will be spreading all over your home. There are actually also a lot of bacteria and viruses that are airborne.


There are activated carbon filters that are found inside the air purifiers to Enhance Air Quality and are able to remove chemical toxins, gases and odors. As soon as the carbon will get treated with oxygen it will then be activated. The chemicals will be absorbed and attracted for the reason that there will be millions of tiny pores that will do this. And in order to be able to improve the ability of the carbon filter to trap reactive gases, they have been added with potassium permanganate or potassium iodide.


For optimum performance, you need to make sure that you will be continuously running your air purifier. Majority of the air purifiers actually have low and high settings. As a matter of fact, it is highly recommended that you will let your air purifier running on low even though you will be on vacation. Returning to a house full of polluted air is what is bound to happen if you will not do this.